INTRODUCING: The first fully self-contained, homeowner-friendly, portable solar energy system!

Now more than ever, homeowners are looking for eco friendly ways to lower their electricity usage and utility bill while still being “green” or sustainable. The POWERSHED and newly developed economical POWERSHED Lite make going green easy, generating up to 40% of the average home's energy through environmentally friendly and renewable solar energy.

Many solar power options require you to drill holes into your home’s greatest protection: your roof! With an alternative energy options like POWERSHED and POWERSHED Lite, you can have the best of both worlds: maximum energy generation from the multi-inverter solar power panels and flexible property installation to optimize solar harvest.  Our photovoltaic solar energy panel design means that even if one inverter “goes out,” the remaining solar panels remain unaffected!

We offer a full range of POWERSHED products for purchase, including the individual Solar Wings used on POWERSHED. All our products can be linked to your electrical grid system allowing you to boost your energy savings each month.

Please look around our site and learn more about the POWERSHED line of products and the opportunities for solar tax credits and energy credits. Whether you’re interested in green building, alternative energy, ”off grid living” or just being more environmentally conscious, there’s a solution for you!  Thanks for taking the time to visit us, and we welcome your comments.